Impetus now has built-in support for the Pebble smartwatch.

Pebble & Impetus

To control Impetus from Pebble you need the Impetus watch app. The watch app can be installed on the watch from Impetus in Settings – Accessories.

You can start the timer from the watch app or from Impetus, either way is fine. The two apps will be in sync while the timer runs. The phone or tablet doesn’t have to be unlocked to start the timer as the watch app can communicate with Impetus also when the display is off. The currently loaded preset will always be used by the watch app, so select the preset in advance.

Pebble’s small display shows the following information:

  • Current interval name
  • Current round
  • Current remaining time
  • Selected preset name

The timer can be started, paused and reset from the watch app. The watch will vibrate and briefly turn on the backlight on interval changes.

The Pebble app is still somewhat a work-in-progress, so future changes may be possible.


Impetus translation project

Impetus translation project

Impetus is looking for volunteer translators. If you think you can help, please check out the translation project in Crowdin.