Impetus now has built-in support for the Pebble smartwatch.

Pebble & Impetus

To control Impetus from Pebble you need the Impetus watch app. The watch app can be installed on the watch from Impetus in Settings – Accessories.

You can start the timer from the watch app or from Impetus, either way is fine. The two apps will be in sync while the timer runs. The phone or tablet doesn’t have to be unlocked to start the timer as the watch app can communicate with Impetus also when the display is off. The currently loaded preset will always be used by the watch app, so select the preset in advance.

Pebble’s small display shows the following information:

  • Current interval name
  • Current round
  • Current remaining time
  • Selected preset name

The timer can be started, paused and reset from the watch app. The watch will vibrate and briefly turn on the backlight on interval changes.

The Pebble app is still somewhat a work-in-progress, so future changes may be possible.


22 Comments on “Pebble”

  1. I really love this app using it with Pebble. Soon Pebble will upgrade to 2.0 leaving all 1.x-apps incompatible. Do you have plans to update the watchapp so it is compatible with the 2.0 SDK and 2.0 firmware? Many thanks in advance

  2. jerry2013 says:

    Hi, App is fantastic but have moved to Pebble 2.0SDK now, happy to beta test a version as soon as you have it!

  3. Just converted the app to 2.0. Seems to work without any hiccups. I’ll probably upload it somewhere for now since the next Impetus version is still some time away.

  4. Wei says:

    I’m wondering if there is a way to display current time on phones. It was one of the things I loved about the tablet version, but can’t seem to find how to make this work on the phone.

    • Currently no, but the next version that I’m working on has two customizable sub displays instead of the current total time display. The current time will be selectable there.

  5. As the next Impetus version is still some time away, here’s a temporary link to download the watch app 2.0 version:

  6. quietcore says:

    The dropbox link no longer works. When do you plan to update the application to use the Pebble 2.0 SDK?

  7. jeanne says:

    Music us not muted when using halfway alert even though it is set to do so

  8. Martin says:

    Could you please let me know do you have a windows version of your Impetus interval timer or do you intend to release one?

  9. Steven says:

    Great app … love it.

  10. JamrockVJ says:

    Most practical Interval Timer I have come across.

    1.) Confused about what features the Plus version gives and disappointed not to get reply from support when I ask about it.
    2.) Additional feature to duck background music audio vs. mute would be nice.
    3.) The ‘Run’ display UI could use a little facelift.

    Otherwise its a much better app that all others I have tried.

  11. Leanne says:

    I love this app. I want to use it with Android wear. U

  12. Wayne h says:

    Are there any plans for impetus Sony smartwatch app in the future?

  13. Simon says:

    More than 2 years since last update and still the best interval timer out there. A truly powerful customization setup, giving total control 😀

  14. vernonkm says:

    Can you update your Pebble App for Pebble Time and add it to the Pebble App Store? I would certainly use your app if it was compatible with my Pebble Time. I know others that would use it too.


  15. maxwb01 says:

    Do you plan on porting to iPhone? I miss this app so much since changing phone

  16. Ben says:

    Hi !
    I absolutely LOVE your app. Have been using it extensively for years and have not found better !
    I’ve recently gotten access the cycling trainer Wahoo Kickr. It communicates with other apps via ANT+ (and Bluetooth in some cases).I’ve been looking for an app that can somewhat control watt output on the the device in intervals.
    I’ve spent a lot of time and tried quite a few and none come close to what Impetus isoffering in terms of interval design. The feature that is especially useful (and even maybe essentiel) is the ability to implement intérations or loops. That is sadly missing for all of the ones I’ve seen.
    I’d like to know how feasible it is from your end (to include communication via ANT+) ? Would you envisage a cooperation ? I’m a software developer. Android app development is not my speciality but I’ve been coding for a very long time so I’m sire I coud pick it up very quickly…
    Food for thought ?
    Thanks for considering…

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