Changes in version 2.0

It’s time for a bigger version bump! Version 2.0 introduces a lot of changes in how the app looks and functions. Some changes are quite major, some more subtle. Here’s a little tour of what’s new.


The save button has gone the way of the dodo, as all changes to a preset are now automatically saved. If you want to create a totally new version of an existing preset you can use the Copy This Preset option found in the app menu. This will make a duplicate of the current preset.

Super quick simple preset editing

When editing a simple preset just tap on the interval and the spinner wheel opens right in the edit screen.


Advanced editing

The advanced preset edit list is the same as before but the detail view now opens all sets and timers in a tabbed view. Just swipe between pages to edit all the necessary details on one page.


Accented time

The time displays are now accented to give more weight to the significant digits.


Real-world pre-configured presets

All fresh installs of Impetus will now have a collection of ready-made presets featuring different interval workouts from around the world. Ready for training or to be used as a base for your own presets.


Tired of fiddling around with the mobile phone while training? Here’s some options for remote controlling the timer.

Headset control

You can now enable headset control in settings to pause and resume a running timer with the headset button. Note that the remote cannot be used to select a preset or to start the timer. The app itself needs to be used for that. This feature can be enabled in Settings – Accessories.

Pebble smartwatch (BETA)

You can install a Pebble watch app directly from Impetus and remotely control the app with it. The timer can currently be started, paused and reset remotely using the watch app. The watch app will also display the current interval description and round number, and vibrate on interval changes. The used preset needs to be selected using the Impetus app itself. The watch app can control the timer also when the phone display is off. Pebble integration can be enabled in Settings – Accessories.

Please note that this feature is still somewhat experimental and does not represent the final implementation.

Overtime count-up

Want to know how much more time you would have needed to crunch that last round? You can now have an count-up timer that starts after the whole session is finished. The timer will run indefinitely until it’s reset. This feature can be enabled in Settings – Miscellaneous.

Rich notifications

A running timer can now be paused, resumed and reset from the device’s notification tray on devices with Android 4.1 and up.

Those are pretty much all the more major changes in 2.0. Otherwise there’s been all kinds of tweaks on the UI and the overall reliability of the app. There’s a long list of features still waiting, so watch this space for future updates!


4 Comments on “Changes in version 2.0”

  1. IV says:

    Some good changes so far. I have been using the app a little bit, and there are some things that would improve it for me.
    1. The playlist integration could use some work. Right now I have the choice on timers between “work” or “rest”, and all timers of the same type use the same playlist. However, I would like to set up different playlists with different tempos for different parts of the workout. For instance, warm up and cool down at 80 bpm, and sprints at 140 bpm. Could you add some sort of counter (i.e. Work 1, work 2…) or use the names of the timers instead of the types to set different playlists?
    2. Speaking of types of timers, a “prep” type would be nice.
    3. I would appreciate something on the screen showing the name of the next timer.
    4. It took me some time to figure out that I had to hold-click on a set to add a timer to it. I kept clicking, thinking that would select it, and hitting the plus sign to add a timer. Obviously that didn’t work, and it was frustrating. I don’t need it changed now that I figured it out, but I’ll bet I’m not the only one who tried this.

  2. obi says:

    Hi, I love impetus timer and I have the impetus plus also. I have a problem…’Everyday’ I lose my preset routines. I select an advanced template, rename it and dutifully type in a routine. My routine lasts a couple of hours and then vanishes. I cannot find them anywhere. If I make changes to any of the existing presets that come with impetus they are returned to there original state also. Basically Im stuck with doing only routines that impetus comes loaded with. Suffice to say not much use to me 😦

    Can anyone out there explain what is going on? Id love to continue using the app but as of an hour ago I just gave it a ‘1 star’ review in the app store which is real sad because I really think it is the best featured and clear designed timer on the market and I’d be glad to give ‘5 stars’ if I can simply save my routines.

    Can anyone help? I have a galaxy note 1 and Ive had impetus on it for about a year and a half about 6months ago my routines just started vanishing.

    The app help section mentioned this blog thats why I’ve come here to post this.

    Thanks Obi 🙂

  3. PK says:

    Can you skip a Round in a session?

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